Since establishing Analytic Services in 1999, I have handled many exciting projects for clients from a range of industries, developing a focus on healthcare over the years.

I am your direct contact. This brings some clear advantages for you: You receive all services from a single source and have direct insight into the project. In the event that your priorities suddenly change, I can adjust my approach flexibly.

My expert profile provides a sound basis for value-added services:

  • Years of consulting experience:
    Analytic Services clients – usually company owners or people in senior management positions – value the in-depth advice I offer and the open exchange of ideas.
  • Problem-solving focus:
    My particular strength is extracting from a complex set of facts the relevant problems that need to be solved, and crafting an appropriate analytical approach. I am also skilled in translating analysis results into clear answers to your specific questions.
  • Insight into various industries’ requirements
    In almost three decades of analyzing quantitative problems of any kind – before Analytic Services, for a leading top-management consultancy – I have worked for clients from virtually all industries.
  • Profound expertise
    Within my university-level Business Administration studies, I focused on statistics, econometrics, operations research, and manufacturing theory.
  • Proficiency in the use of analytical tools
    I am familiar with all common data analysis tools and approaches. If the need arises to automate parts of a specific analysis, I do the programming myself.

My professional background enables me to cover all stages of the data analyses value chain.
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I would be happy to put my expertise to work for you.
Feel free to e-mail or call me, so we can discuss your particular analytical problem.